Stop motion animation motion blur?

So I have been cooking up a idea in my head that I want to do. I haven’t messed with stop motion in about 17-20 years (if I remember correctly), back when my parents were given a 1.25 megapixel camera. That, some paint shop pro 5, animation shop 2, and Tada! I had a video camera!
Fast foreward a couple years (to now) and I think I can do a better job than the little kid and his brothers did. I have since gotten my second camera (I was given the 1.25 mp dinosaur when it broke) which is a Canon 80D.
Anyways, I am categorizing the potential hurdles before I shoot. My two issues to be resolved are Motion blur, and timing. The latter I will calculate and fly by the seat of my pants… because that’s just how I roll! :wink:
With the motion blur, Does anybody have ideas on how to do a proper motion blur on a photo in the compositor? If one object (or partial object) moves in a scene, I would just like to blur that. Obviously since I’m dealing with JPEG’s I wont have the benefit of render passes. I have seen where some folks do 3 photos and onion skin two onto the 3rd to create one frame. In motion the effect is… ok… Paused it is just hokey.
Only solution I can think of, is animate a matte that controls the motion blur. Then animate the intensity and rotation of the blur. Which would work great on a single object moving in one direction. What about a single object moving in one direction with arms flailing? Or am I just overthinking things and it will be fine?
Would like to hear your ideas on how to solve this.

Most stop motion animations are done without any motion blur because it is quite complicated to do in camera, but if you want to achieve it in post, easiest is to get access to some compositing soft which has optical flow based motion blur effect. Optical flow calculates the movement of pixels from one frame to next and uses this data for generating blur. It is not perfect but can work very nicely. Try Fusion for example, or Natron (I think it had oflow) or Nuke (it has a noncommercial version also). Blender compositor does not have oflow tools.

Ok, thanks. I will give it a shot!