Stop motion OBJ (OBJ sequence importer)


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Thank you neverhood 311.

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If I want to model in blender and texture paint in mudbox and bring it back into blender to render will this addon help or should I use the autocad fbx converter and bring it back as fbx 2013? No animation.

(neverhood311) #43

Seems like this addon isn’t the solution for that. This addon only deals with importing multiple OBJs, STLs, or PLYs as an animated sequence.

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Thank you neverhood311.

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FYI, the Blender 2.80-compatible version of this script is under active development and is mostly stable. You can find it here: Please check it out and create Github issues if you find any bugs.

(JosephBburg) #46

Hi, thanks for the addon, it’s really great! I have a couple suggestions for features:

a) “Bake Mesh Sequence” should have an option to keep or apply modifiers. (This is really easy to work around, just select the baked mesh sequence and a copy of the original object, link modifiers. Then, to apply them, alt-c and convert to mesh. Of course, it’s necessary to seek to the proper frame before applying the modifiers, if they are animated at all.)

b) Make it possible to bake as Alembic. I’m not sure how much work this entails, maybe there’s already a tool out there that does this?

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I’ve been fiddling with idea a for a while, if I can figure out how to make that happen, can I post the code here? I don’t know how to use GitHub yet. It’s on my to-do list to learn.

Edit: I’ve figured out how to export the mesh to alembic, or rather, the guy in this stack exchange post has:

It turns out, all you have to do is add a modifier that does nothing, and Blender will read the mesh data correctly.

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@neverhood311 This add-on seems closest to something I was seeking a while ago.
The main difference is that instead of sequencing the object’s visibility directly, I was intending to find a way to convert an object’s shape keys into a pseudo-skeletal animation by way of assigning a bone to each vertex as described in this workflow. My questions for you are,

  • How feasible would you say that workflow is?
  • Would you change anything in the workflow?
  • Has anyone created add-ons that I could use to automate that workflow?

(neverhood311) #49

That could be a useful addition to the add-on. To be honest, I never tested that scenario. What currently happens if you try to bake a sequence that has a modifier?

I hope that stack exchange post is adequate for your situation. I never intended the add-on to be any sort of file format conversion tool, so exporting a sequence as alembic is outside of its scope.

I couldn’t really comment on the feasibility of your proposed workflow since I’m not familiar with the problem you’re trying to solve.