stop motion

Hi - anyone out there have any experience with or know of a good free stop motion app for putting together this type of project. This was assembled using a Mac(ipic) and a digital camera. thanks if you can help.

You can assemble a video out of a still sequence using the Sequence editor right in Blender. Failing that, VirtualDub will also do this.

You may need to run a batch renaming program as you may not have perfectly sequential names for your stills coming from your camera (likely something like dsc00002.jpg, dsc00003.jpg … but if you delete some you’ll have gaps.)

thanks 86point5…haven’t had much experience with Blender sequencer…but will do a wiki and see what’s involved or if there is info on this subject. The YouTube project was done by someone I know…in approx. 250 frames. I’ll also check out VDub. Have you done stop motion work?
Monkey Jam is a good free one. There’s a list of software on this page.

Stop Motion Pro is the best, but it costs.


thnks guys…this forum is always the best place to get good info

thanks very much. the monkey program is sweet!