Stop my woggling Wii - Python help Please!

Well I have finally got my Wii working without crashing - turned out to be a driver problem so I’m ready fro the next step.

the Demo blend from shakes rather violently so I would like to add some code to smooth out the shakes and make it a more pleasurable experience. I’m am not sure whether the code should go in the WiiOsc script in GlovePie or in the Python script in the Blend.

I am only just starting to learn python but think I can do this if someone gives me some clues as two how the smoothing might be done in programming and a little python help.

thanks - Larryboy

Well no-one could…
But I’ve found another way of connecting the Wii which doesn’t crash all the time using the WiiRemote software from and I thought I’d share. It just emulates the mouse so its not the same but it seems really reliable and is usable for some things - maybe not hi octain game play. Instructions on how to install it here (I didn’t bother with the candles)

I’ve been trying to get that working too, but I couldn’t find the python OSC implementation that’s linked to on the selectpark website. Do you have a copy? If you do, could you please upload it? Also, are you using candles, or something to represent the infra red from the sensor bar? That might smooth the movement a bit.

Have put it here but will remove it soon as don’t know what the distribution legals are. As to the candles - I thought it was a joke - does WiimRemote activate the IR on the computer …???..!!!

Cheers.Got it. As to the IR, check this out

Basically, I think you just need something that spits out infra red, as the WiiMote has an IR sensor in it.
This page has a spreadsheet to help you calculate distance/angle of sensors.

I still haven’t been able to get my WiiMote to control the Blender game supplied. Do I have to associate controls in glovePIE? Me confused… Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks for the IR stuff. Will check it out.
I do have the thing working with glove pie but its crap and it crashes. The GlovePie is just the standard one that comes from the GlovePie website. The Blend file is here
I like WiimRemote though…it works!