Stop newly created object "Attaching" automatically to other objects

This… is probably the most dumb question but I really can’t think of how to word it and search for it on Google. It seems everyone is wondering “How do I attach multiple objects together” where as I’m trying to stop that happening in the first place.

Say I create a plane and then create a cube, the cube now becomes “part” of that plane object. And in the inspector window it seems that the plane is the only object in the scene.

I figured this is because the plane object was selected so I have tried clicking on “world” or whatever to try and make my new object a part of that rather than the plane but you can’t select world. Another approach was to create it, and then separate it but A. that seems illogical and B. I couldn’t find a way of doing that either because as I said the object is now technically a single object.

I know this is the very height of newbiness but help lol!

If you are in Object mode when adding an object it will be its own separate object
If you are in Edit mode when you add an object it will be part of the edited object

Oh my… thanks :slight_smile: … and sorry… I couldn’t find that info anywhere but it makes perfect sense!

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