Stop one item of clothing going through another

(Chamine) #1


I have a character wearing a jumper and a shirt collar. To stop the the collar mesh moving through the jumper when animated/posed, should i be looking to use the collision modifier? Any feedback appreciated.

Many thanks

(Chamine) #2

Does anyone answer posts on here??? Surely this isn’t such an absurd question!???

(czerw) #3

That seems to be a problem here… I don’t know the answer, but maybe this will help.

(Chamine) #4

Thanks very much Czerw!

(chipmasque) #5

Because you stated your problem in a fairly general fashion but it has specific mesh structures & arrangements to consider, it’s hard to give any but a very general answer, which from experience a lot of Blender users know is insufficient. I have a lot of experience with cloth but would hesitate to try and answer your question because of the lack of specific info. If you post some images of your meshes along with your question, or even the .blend itself, it can really help generate more possible solutions.

(Zunova) #6

David Ward used the masking method during his ‘Tim’ Tutorial:

Tim - Pt 13 - Clothing - Shoes and Tie, Mask Modifier – Start at 20 mins in.

(chipmasque) #7

Yes, Zunova, the Mask modifier is extremely useful for many cloth layer intersection problems, I use it frequently. But it isn’t right for every problem, so knowing the situation more fully can help eliminate non-useful solutions.