Stop Sign

Hello. This is my first post and I was wondering if anybody cared enough to give me some pointers on what to do or change with my drawing. Thanks

Oooooo ive done that before at a stop sign!!!

but as far as the image goes the things need the most improvement would have to be the textures and the grass(needs to be smaller and harder thransition so it isnt translucent.)

the only advice that fonix wirics didn’t mention is the asphalt, it should be more rough now it looks like big blotues of color try sizing down the cloud texture

The stop signs a bit thick, a real stop sign (the aluminum sign part) is barely thicker then paper.

… the skid marks look a bit too straight

i agree… your asphalt needs some touching up… a bumpmap would be good… possibly a displacement one…

A displacement map would be require some mayhem subdivision on the road to look nice, a bumpmap will look tons better in this case.

The pole for the sign should be silver, not green. Also I think the skid marks should be smudged and black, rather than light gray.

The poles are painted green where I live…

It’s a nice idea; the grass is quite nice. But it feels disproportionate. I suggest that you find someplace where you can get above a stop-sign and shoot a few digital reference pictures.

Is that so you can’t see it?

Is that so you can’t see it?[/quote]

I suppose it might be, but I can’t really say for sure. I know that the signposts are painted either a darker kelly green or beige in all of the local state and national parts. In the rest of the state they are a brighter green which doesn’t necessarily fade into the background.