Stop the Buzz

new problem, same script
when the object is on the “ground” it vibrates up and down, and i have no idea why, i’ve spent several hours trying to figure it out to no avail.

i’m guessing none of what i just said will make sense unless you see an example

so here it is
(about 70kb)
thanks in advance

I haven’t looked at it, but it sounds that you haven’t applied a material to the ground - so adding a material and setting the restitution right would most probably do the job…

i already had a material on the ground,
but my object isn’t dynamic, so setting the dynamic properties of the material wont do anything. it’s not the problem

i think it might be my script, but i don’t know

because people seem reluctant to download the file i’ll just post my script here so people can look at it

import GameLogic


if ray.isPositive():
( tab )grav.setLinearVelocity(0,0,0,0)
( tab )raypos=ray.getHitPosition()
( tab )owner.setPosition((owner.getPosition()[0],owner.getPosition()[1],(raypos[2]+1)))
( tab )grav.setLinearVelocity(0,0,(vel[2]-0.1),0)
( tab )GameLogic.addActiveActuator(grav,1)

print vel[2]

(the tabs arn’t actually written in my script)

thanks in advance