stop the object!

I have a bezier circle and an object goes round it.
circle PathLen is 200 which gives it the right speed.
how do i stop it following the curve at say frame 100

I’m not what you call a Blender expert(I’m still somewhat a “noob”)But after you add modifier you probably can’t stop it at frame 100.Sorry.If you learn Python(which I don’t) you might be able to redo it.

I’m not at that point yet but can you apply a speed IPO curve or something and set it to zero at any frame you want? I might be using the term IPO out of order but you know what I mean, having A curve that determines speed of object at such and such a frame. I think it’s doable but like I said, I’m not quite there yet. I’m still trying to get my fluid object out of my render.

PatchMac gets the cookie.

Please explain how that link applies to a circle.
I wish i could - but never can understand wiki explanations

the rate at which an object moves along a path is called the speed. when the speed is zero, it is stopped. when 1.0, it is travelling at normal speed in order to transit the path length in the time (frame) you set. You can set the speed by editing the Speed IPO curve.

with a circle there is no ipo

I just tried it with a new file. added a cube and F7 to place the bezier circle name in the ob box.
the cube happily goes round the circle - no ipo.
maybe i should break the circle!

finally a question i can answer…
if you add a ‘follow path’ constraint to the object following the path, you can key how much the constraint influences the object

split your view and put one of them to ipo screen if you look at the bottom of the constraint options you see 2 buttons ‘show’ and ‘key’

show- swiches ipo screan to show constraints curves
key- inserts a keyframe for what ever value you put in the sliedey bar for influence at
current frame (where the green line is)

there are allot of tutorials out there to show you how to use ipo curves
with this you can tell it to stop at frame 100 by
-move green line to frame 99 and key frame influence to at full (1.00) and at frame 100 key it at zero

if you have any questions please ask

i am by no means a not a noob, but i will try

there is NO IPO! when you use a bezier circle.
i broke the circle to make it stop

there is NO IPO! when you use a bezier circle.
i broke the circle to make it stop

Select the circle, look in the Ipo Editor and select Path from the drop down menu. Control Click to add Speed Ipo. Ctrl-Click to add a second control point on the Ipo. Now there’s an Ipo. Points on this curve represent positions on the path. Places where the curve is flat, the object will not be moving on the path.