Stop the thin-mania!!!

This is a product für thin-models an people who want to have some kilos more.
It´s a kind of meatloaf in a tube. Very fetty.
You can take with you and eat meat where you like.

A woman/model should look lika a woman and not like a skeletron or a thin child.

Stop the thin-mania!!! Eat more meat!!!

Rendered in yafaray.



looks like you want to replace one extreme by another :slight_smile:

I think you need to step back and WEIGH your odds, ahahaha! :smiley:

ha ha
OK :yes:

I hope I’m just imagining the connection between this and your other thread

You are not the only one. lol

Great but it is missing a crumpled tube and some nasty dried meat around the top of the tube near base of the cap. The color of the tube is also something I’d change to brown and red or something. Make it look like a package of jerky. The colors are chic and all for a model. But this is meat man!

There is no connection.

Clearly. If you want to make a literal translation sure. But meat of any kind is not generally packaged in bright hot pink and blue colors. The jerky connection is that is is a packaged meat designed to eat on the run - a snack if you will. But more important that it is meat.

Your tube looks like it will dispense candy or toothpaste. Candy meat on the run I suppose.

Anyways, it was meant as a lighthearted crit. I should have put one of these::evilgrin:

Nothing serious just a suggestion. I think it would make it funnier if you could see what it is by just looking at the color of the package.

Carry on.:slight_smile:

I think eizklotz was probably referring to my comment.

Your suggestions are all valid by the way, no need to seem apologetic about it.


That’s right. I forgot about that already. Funny.

Boy I am an ass!!! lol! :evilgrin: