Stop UI threads !

I hated UI at first, but only because I was MAX user. Now I hate MAX’s UI :evilgrin:
IMO Blender has awesome UI and it doesn’t have to be redone.
Maybe some tough-ups here and there. Maybe radial menus as an option for tablet users.
But that’s all. There are many other areas that need improvement.
I think we don’t even need custom hot keys, because default hot keys are good. And it’s easy to sit down and work with Blender on another PC when you know that key bindings are going to be the same!

How long after you post this before another UI thread starts? Maybe we need a sticky thread that people can put in there suggestions there instead of flooding the forums. Many people have suggestions, few do anything about it. Yeah, I started on Max/Blender. I went away from blender for a while, now I’m back and can’t stand Max. To me, having non-overlapping windows is perfect.

1st post: Please don’t post opinions on <subject>. (<Opinion on subject>).

2nd post: <Theoretically sound suggestion> (<Opinion on subject>)

3rd post: <Cocky remark>

4th post and beyond: <Cocky remark on previous cocky remark>

lol, might have to change that to 5th post. :slight_smile:

We’re gonna start UI threads until the brain goes into overload, bring’em on:spin: