(Nayman) #1

If you are one the anti-blenders (i.e. macke) dont reply to this post with any contempt or hate. it’ll jsut prove your immaturity.

Anyhoo, Guys, stop fighting. Thats all i have to say. What happens to Blender is out of our hands. So i have a suggestion. Sti back, and keep on blending. Why are we here otherwise?

I for one have some serious spider-man work to do!

(swoops away)

(syndic3d) #2

Yeah! I agree with Nayman! Keep on Blending!!! Laugh back into the faces of the doubters (Softimage, Discreet, and Alias/Wavefront). Keep on producing your works in Blender!!!

(macke) #3

Exactly! Funny how some thinks it’s not.

(0ptikz) #4


I couldn’t agree more, this is what I posted about the flame wars in Tons latest post:

Hmm…Why is it that every time Ton posts here people use it as an excuse to launch into all out war?

Try to cast your minds back to what Blender meant to all of us and the larger CGI community as a whole…and try to give the guy the respect he deserves - I’m sure that it hurts him deeply to see his posts repeatedly abused in this way.

To Macke:

I have no idea what you are still doing in this community at all - All you seem to do these days is to call Blender a piece of junk, and generally make those of us who still love blender feel worse by rubbing salt deeper and deeper into the wounds of a dying animal - And whats more, you actually seem to enjoy doing it.

Is this your only purpose on this board?

Ton gave us a great legacy, and It saddens me to see people shitting on it like this.

(gargola) #5

I agree but let’s remember that some guys here revealed their true colors.

(rogerm3d) #6

I hear ya. These boards and blender were created for the dreams of
others,and their creators. People shouldnt try to destroy those dreams
just because of their own lack of them.

(xype) #7

Maybe our Macke has a sadistic vein? :wink:

(acasto) #8

That’s what I think blender is all about, dreams and potential. Same goes for linux (though much different). There is not much these days that you can just pick up and do anything with. With blender, if you could imagine it, you could model it. If you wanted to start a 3D studio tommorow, you could. If you wanted to make a movie, you could. There was no obstacles, and I think that is were everyones frustration is coming from. It would be like if you were a sculptor, and the clay suddenly dissapeared. So it does cause the mental shock of ‘what am I going to do now’, but thankfully time will usually fix this.

(stephen2002) #9

lets face it, people like to argue and fit. It is in our genes. Why do you think there are wars? Some people get their kicks out of makeing other people mad.

I don’t really plan to continue with Blender, I have reached its limits (not enough verts, no physics, no real reflections, etc) and every time I slam against them with my projects I get annoyed. Blender is great for some things, just not for what I am trying to do (pure photorealism).

It was a great program and community to start out with. That does not mean I am makeing a run for it and burning my path as I go. :smiley:

(Dittohead) #10

i back the blender investers 100%. they invested there hard earned money and it flopped, now they want to try and make a profit. what’s wrong with that? most of you would do the same thing if you were in there position.

(blengine) #11

argh…ive lost so much respect for alot of blender users becuase of this “fighting”…i dont like that… nans going down and we started a civil war… :frowning:
ive been using maya right now for rendering and texturing, but im always gonna continue with blender, modeling in it then importing into maya, thats a great team =)

ill be stick with blender for a while :wink:

(Pooba) #12

Though i haven’t really read some of the anti-blender people’s posts, i do remember somebody on the old blender boards named Dr. Who? who was dissing blender a ton. This is a place for blending and sharing it with others. Don’t just come here to diss on blender and other people :x .


(dmoc) #13

I can agree with quitting arguing but not with sitting back and doing nothing. There is no indication that the investors bother coming here and reading reactions. Hopefully if they do then they skip that other thread which makes us all look a bunch of idiots. What’s needed now (if not several months ago) is everyone expressing their opinion either here or directly to the investors. Think of what you stand to loose, the time you may have invested learning Blender, the plans you may have had and the money you may have spent (even if just on a book, or internet costs, etc). Do you really want to sit back and not be counted and see it all go to waste?

Here’s a suggestion for an easy way to do it. Send the following in an email to the investors ([email protected])…

“I would be willing to pay X for my copy of Blender”


“I have paid X for (whatever Blender related)”

…or really do sit back and do nothing (just blend away) and see it all go. No development, no support, no new users, no future.

(overextrude) #14

In the grand scheme of things, we may very well be little more than a blip on the Blender radar. And based on what I’ve seen with the staunch, “keep it free” approach, we’re probably less than a blip- half a blip. The investors are after a return, and translated, that means people who will give them money in exchange for a license to use their product.

Communities are great, but as far as investors are concerned, only as a by-product of a successful product.

(rogerm3d) #15

How bout a ckey system again. That was cheap enough that users could afford it (even i could) and also would pull in money? Maybe im wrong but that seems to be the only working system in my opinion.