stopping a sound.

Hi. I am making a game for my sister and you can press different buttons to play different songs. But if you press more than one the songs just play together. I want to make it so that when you press e.g. the z key it starts the song. and when you press it again it stops the song. how do I do this?

hmm try to …you know where is the sound actuator change>>play to loop stop or loop end>>>

yes I have tryed that. But the song still plays through to the end.

Use Play Stop or Loop Stop.

Now use properties to start or stop songs. For example, if you have 2 songs, you could have 2 boolean properties “song1” and “song2”. Use a property sensor with the “True firing” pulse mode (top left button on sensor) and hook it up to your sound actuator.

Now to start/stop each sound, use your keyboard sensors and property actuators to change the property.


Thanks for the advice. I have found another way to get around the problem but this information is good for future games i will make:D