Stopping accessories from deforming

Hey, I started Blender a week ago, so I’m very new. I’ve done tutorials to rig simple things like a snowman but I’ve started my new project of a person who has various parts of armour and I am having a few problems that I’ve been unable to solve on my own.

My first problem is when I move my character’s legs around, the tassets around his waist deform. They are on their own layer if that makes a difference. What do I need to do to stop this?

My second problem is when I move his head his eyepatch doesn’t follow. This is a mesh that I made separately from the head first, and then joined it so I can put it on the same texture map as the head. I’m guessing I need to do some kind of attaching but I’m not sure exactly what to do.

Both are a case of meshes not assigned to an appropriate bone. To stop something deforming you would parent it to a single bone that does not deform when the model does. It means adding new bones to suit the particular object. I am guessing your tassels are assigned to many bones in various weights, hence why they deform.

The eye patch I guess you added after you parented the main mesh to the armature, even if you then join another mesh on to the main mesh it will not take up any bone weights. To cure this just select the eye patch vertices and assign them to the head bone of your character.

Cheers, Clock.

PS. I would really need to see the blend file to tell what is what - post it to then post the URL here.