Stopping cycles nodes image texture from tiling

Hi folks,

I have a rusty metal surface, and I want to place an decal onto it as if the decal is paint sprayed on. But where the rust isn’t, I want the paint to also not be, so the Musgrave used to create the rust spot areas also needs to knock out the paint. For this reason, the image texture of the decal needs to be in the main material, not a separate one.

I can reduce the size of the decal, by using a Mapping node which in turn is UVed by a Texture Control node, but as you can see in my image I cannot stop the image texture (the word ‘paint’ in red) from repeating! Please help! Thanks!


Thanks Richard,

I have tried the above tutorial you sent, plus several others, and I do (I am pretty sure) everything that is said, yet my Blender simply does not recognise the changes the attribute nodes make. I even downloaded the .Blend file seen here and opened it in my Blender 2.63 and I do not get the 2 mixed UVs as seen in his screen shot when I open mine. Could my machine not be updating the viewports in a predictable way?

I just discovered that in fact it does work, but neither the texture texture, material nor rendered viewport shading modes respect it - you only see it when you hit F12 and do a proper render. Is there any way to jolt Blender into updating the UV/texture relationships within the viewport? it is virtually impossible to do anything complex with this blind. Maybe it isn’t Blender, maybe it is my hardware? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I found out that to get it to update in the viewport, I have to tab out of edit mode and the ‘rendered’ view will update - there’s no way of real time editing such a set up though - hopefully that will come up in Blender soon!