Stopping run away scripts

(Shagwana) #1

Is there anyway to stop a running script from within blender? (you know, for when those infinate loops happen) :wink:

(eeshlo) #2

Use ctrl-c in the dos-console/terminal.

edit: I’m sorry, missed the ‘from within Blender’ bit. Well, no, not that I know of, but that is not saying much…
Of course it is best to make sure that an infinite loop never can happen. What specifically are you trying to do that it gets into a loop?

(Shagwana) #3

Well, at the moment im writing an export script for .b3d file format. This is a format designed for blitz basic 3d ( - a games programming language ). When it exports, I want to weld as many vertex’s together as I can, and genarly optimise the mesh for in-game usage :smiley:

The infinit loop only occured by accident, was just wondering how to stop scripts when there running. The crtl+c thing will do fine :wink: