stopping unwanted rotation

Hopefully i will explain my problem. I have objects that are moving in 3d space rotating up and down randomly. Once in a while the rotation continues until my objects are upside down, i don’t want that I think that the constraint actuator (orientation) should work but have been trying with no luck. Does that constraint work that way stopping the angle of rotation at a certain degree? if so can someone explain it a bit more?


No, constraint actuator at this moment can only limit orientation in relation to world coordinate system. It has no use for a body when you want to limit it is local orientation in relation to its orientation at zero time moment.

What I did is to introduce some parameters like euler angles that rescribes the orientation of my body and then set a limit to them. So, if the limit is not reached the body can continue its rotation , otherwise it is stoped.

So there is nothing i can do right now? Can i get a script on this?