Store business object in global variebles

I am doing a game using blender and python.
On this game a used object-oriented programming python to create the classes that control the objects.
To make myself clear I will define that the objects on python will be call to business objects and the objects in scene will be call scene objects.
To make the game interactivity I need that when the action was started at the scene object it have to access the business object’s methods.

My problem is that I can’t store, after create them, my business objects to use them before.

I try to store them in a global variable using “GameLogic.‘my variable’ = ‘business object’”, but when a try to access the business object’s methods in another script and nothing repents. (I tested it with a numeric value and it works)

I would like to know if there is a way to store that kind of value or if this business objects created
by script python were in some list and available to use?

If there is another way to make interaction between business object and scene objects that I can access business object’s methods, I would like to learn it. Until now a have used a script in a scene object that calls business object’s methods wrote in another script.