Store inputs to a Custom Property per each Scene?

As the header implies, but here’s an example of the use case:

Let’s say I have a Blender file with two scenes: “Day” and “Night”, and I want to create a single World Shader to handle both Times of Day called “Sky”. To handle this, I commit to using Custom Properties on the data block of my “Sky” shader to drive the behavior of said Shader (“Sky Color” and Sun angle").

Here’s my question:
How can I store the inputs for each of the Custom Properties with the individual scenes. For example.

“Day” scene: “Sky Color” = light-blue, “Sun Angle” = high
“Night” scene: “Sky Color” = dark-blue, “Sun Angle” = low

For what it’s worth, this is not the use case I am solving for, so please assume the above restrictions are unavoidable.

Could you just make your world shader a node group, with a group input for sky color and angle, and then put that group + values into a second node group? You could then duplicate the second group and change the values, so you’d have a Night node and Day node, one per scene

Sadly not for my specific need. The example I gave is a pretty simplified version of a problem I’m solving. I have a complex shading network where custom atmospheric effects are added to the objects shader level, in addition to the World shader.

What would really help is if Scenes were Classes where each shared attributes that could be set differently. I’m assuming there’s nothing like this?