Store the received energy of a lamp and emit it continuously


I know, it sounds strange, but I need this function in an art project. Maybe, anybody can help me or give me at least a hint.
The problem is: I want to write a Python script for a Blender animation, but I am not very good in Python. The script should cause objects in blender to delay emitting of received light, similar to phoshorescing color in reality. I imagine a dark scene with some objects and lights. lights should flash up random in a randomized order. the objects should preserve the light for a while (up to one minute), means the should emit light, becoming darker until it vanishes within one minute.
Is is very complicated, to intervene in Blender at this level. Is it necessary to write in c or is it possibly in python?

Could you not just fake it instead of trying to simulate the real world.

For instance give all the objects a ligth (initially off) then from your script when a light flashes the object lights energy are raised a little depending on the distance of the light flashing.

This would mean, in your script, keep track of every object with a list of energy levels and duration. The energy level for the object light in blender must then be the sum of the list per object. Once in a while evaluate all the list and decrease or remove entries depending on the time.

Regards, Ron AF Greve

This was my first thought indeed. But I want to let move characters between the objects, which should leave there shadows on the objects. Sorry, I haven’t mentioned this essential point.

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