Stored Views add-on in 2.65

A very useful add-on, “Stored Views”, was working in 2.63, but now that I am working in 2.65a, it isn’t.

Does anyone know if this can be made to work? Is there an updated version, perhaps with a different name?

Thanks for any clues.

I guess no one cares about stored views, but they should - it’s a very handy feature.

for those who urgently need this addon for 2.65.8+, here’s a fixed version I quickly did: (11.2 KB)

It seems to work as expected, but you better test more thoroughly before you rely on it.

Thank you Richard - yes, I am a deeply caring person but didn’t know an add-on could be addressed in a bug report or that I could contact the author. Thanks for the links.

CoDEmanX, thanks much for the fix. It seems to be working perfectly now - I’m using 2.65.9 r53893

Turned out there had been two problems with my fix, but only if you tried to reload or deactive, then re-activate the addon. Should be covered now: (11.8 KB)