Hello everyone, I’m Caique josé of the, the 130 renders in one year challange. Here is the new post in the blog Here’s the link:


Beautiful work man, don’t know why there aren’t more replies.

I think my style of rendering not please the people here = /

nice work u got there buddy! :smiley:
And… uh… 130 render challenge?

edit: whops, now I saw in ur blog whats that challenge xD
Nice renders! Did u use blender for all of them (the ones posted in ur blog)?

Blender until it was only yes in the following facebook :smiley:

Interesting render, strong style :slight_smile: I only have a few observations, the textures on the pavings seem a bit too many and too much, the chairs are cool but seem a bit out of place in this scene and for the aerial view the perspective of the background photo does not match, from that angle you should see less sky. and it shows it’s a mirrored image :slight_smile:
I like the overall colors and light, nice work!

background fail xD