Storing a single frame animation

Hi guys,

I am attempting to store the positions of the hand bones for a model, doing so using a new action with one frame. When exporting the model to fbx and importing to unity I cannot see the new action (all other actions are created correctly). Is there a better process for storing a single frame of bone positions? Or am I missing some parameter somewhere?


Is this not a simple thing to do? All I need is to save a few bone positions and apply them to a specific part of the body.

It may very well be something simple, but I think you might get a better response from the people who know (ie: those who export FBX to Unity) if you mention FBX and Unity in the thread title. Is this a game issue? Perhaps posting in the game forum might also get you the eyes you need.

For a single frame, I would normally think to use the pose library instead. I don’t know, can Unity use a pose library?

What about duplicating it onto 2 frames then trying export?

I did try this but it didn’t seem to work, Unity still couldn’t see the animation which is a bit frustrating!

I have posted in the Unity forum for anyone interested:

But you are looking HERE for Blender users who also use Unity, right? Why not change the title? As it stands, you are attracting the attention of animators, not game makers. It does no good to explain things inside the thread, if the people you are looking for don’t click on the title and open the thread.

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