Storing Data in .blend file

I do CFD work and we are trying to use blender to do some renderings. I am writing a translator that reads in the mesh data (VTK format) as well as the data associated at each vertex. So as an example, each point has it’s three coordinates, but also has a velocity, pressure and other information. We like to color our models by the variables.

Is there any place in the .blend file, possibly inside of the object, where I can just store this data? Perhaps as a table with point index, var1, var2, var3…? Currently I map the colors of the data (i.e. where red = high velocity, blue = low velocity etc) and then store this information in vcol paint. I realize that I could do some thing like store three variables, in R,G,B, (R = Velocity, G= Pressure, and B=some other dataset) or H,S,V, and then extract it again using nodes. But it might be nice to store more than three variables and currently I can only have 255 values, and they are not the real values. Any ideas?



You can store arrays of floats/ints as custom properties that are saved as part of your blend file. See here