Storing files (like textures, images, etc.)

Hello all. I’m a new Blender user and have one quite basic question. Does Blender not allow me to store a file on an external drive? I put some textures and images on an external drive, and was going to pull them into Blender when needed, but when I clicked on Open image, I only saw the drives on my PC.

Since I look to gather a lot of textures and images over time as I continue to use Blender, I didn’t want to take up more hard drive space with all the extra stuff.


If your OS file browser can see the files, then Blender can too, unless it’s corrupted in some way. I just tried it with Blender 2.79 & a thumb drive, works fine for me.

i use network drives, flash drives, and hard drives. all work fine. just dont pack the files into the blend if you are worried about space.

Thanks for the information. I can see local drives like the USB stick and card reader that are directly attached to my PC, but I am unable to see a hard drive attached to my router, which is where I wanted to store the pics and textures. I put the same picture on a USB stick and on that external drive attached to the router, but I inside Blender I could only pick the USB drive. How can I make Blender see beyond the local PC?

If you have mapped your router’s drive to your local PC, Blender should see it. If not, here’s a page I found via Google:

Thank you sabba. That solved the problem. I have Windows 8, so I looked up how to do network drive mapping for it. I followed those instructions and now Blender sees my network drive.

Thanks again.