Storm in a Calabash - animated short

Hi everyone,

I’m working on an animated short entitled Storm in a Calabash. I’m using Blender for the modelling and possibly rendering - I haven’t decided that bit yet. The short will have 2 characters, one of which (?whom) is pretty much done and is featured below.

I’ve started a production blog to help me get it done -

I’d be really grateful for feedback as I go along.


Nice start off. Character looks interesting. Can you tell anything about the story and the background?

Thanks for your interest Musk. I have the story scripted but as part of my WIP, I will reveal it as I build the assets for the short. It will probably be only completely revealed when I finish it :slight_smile:

Working on the layout.

Thought I’d include a wireframe of the scene


I’m slowly adding background props.
Shot at 2007-10-05