Storm Report

I was goofing off here, but I think I’ll make it into a short.
Here’s the Vid. It’s quite brief, so dont blink. I think I’ll download a bunch of meshes and chunk them up, warp them etc. for the debris, and I will probably UV map him. <<edit>> I smoothified him, and also changed the time mapping, so the stuff isn’t going by in quite such a blur.

*taken down sorry!

hehe, cool, but hes in desperate ned of SET SMOOTH!!!

uv mapping him will be fun, keep it up

maybe if you finished showing the debre and leaf blowing off, then pause for abit and give him a cheesey smile cus he caught his hat or something :stuck_out_tongue:

wiggle his moustach or something! :o

His moustache and eyebrows ARE moving. also, I will make it longer as soon as I collect together enough debris. I think he will be swept up by a tornado or something.