Storm Trooper Conversion

Well I’ve finished my Storm Trooper Conversion.

You can download the mesh from my site @:

it is about a 1.6MB file.

Happy Blending

edit: link updated

You can submit it to the site. They’ve got a model repository for scifi (especially starwars, star-trek and babilon 5).

Have you thought of adding an armature to your model?

hey…it’s cool!..very well done…i like it so much…

Screenshot please?

It looks well done. I would recommend making the model one complete mesh instead of having each piece of armor being a seperate object.

I am uploading a new version. This one should be two meshes: one of the Stormtrooper, the other the Blaster rifle.

Next I’ll be converting the driod fighter from Episode I

New Link:


love it. do you have any plans to make a jedi.