Storm Trooper.

Hey everyone, My friend wanted me to model a storm trooper for a project he doing, I recently just started and only got the helmet done (basic shape of it no details yet) he doesn’t want it exactly like the real helmet I don’t know why but here how its coming so far, Modeled in blender, exported to maya to render in mental ray

Please leave feedback! thanks :slight_smile:

It looks good, but he wants it to look like Storm Trooper, but not exactly like a Storm Trooper. Do you have any more info about this project that your friend is working on?

Its basically a halo vs star wars project, he is modeling the halo side and im doing star wars, we are still thinking of the story or animation but so far we are just modeling, he is way ahead of me he already got the gun and legs and the helmet and im still here due to hard drive failure anyway yes he wants the basic shape of a Storm Trooper but not exactly like it, its hard to explain anyway thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Well, if it’s a Halo Vs Star Wars project, how can you not be as authentic when making the Storm Trooper Helmet? Can you render a frontal shot of the helmet?

Its his project im just doing what he asks, it might end up being an actual storm trooper

Here is the front side im still editing and doing some tweaking before i continue (aligning the chin area with the helmet)

I see. Still looks good from the front view. However, if he’s going a bit more authentic on the Halo armor and accessories and you can only make models that slightly resemble a storm trooper, then something is off in this situation. But that’s just me. Good luck on the project.

Didn’t Disney just buy Lucas Arts, maybe he’s worried they’ll come after him?

Anyway looking pretty good, best of luck. Reminds me though I haven’t watched the original trilogy in forever.

Good point. Maybe the name of that project needs to be changed to avoid that “bulldog”?

Maybe i dont know, right now im looking for reference images to model the body.