Stormtrooper helmet

Recent update:

Hello everybody,

I am working on a model of the stormtrooper helmet. I am using Blender almost for a year, though I am still a beginner. No time - no progress. However, I told myself, why do not to post it here, so I can read suggestions, advices and opinions from such a great community.

I am modeling that with some refference pictures. Later, I will focus on texturing and all other stuff, but right know, I want a good geometry with the right shapes.

I will try to keep it actual at least weekly. Do not hesitate to write here, what you think about it, I am ready for that. :wink:

See ya.


Nice start. That is a challenging shape. I don’t have a lot of experience with head modeling so any advice I give should be met with :rolleyes:.
The topology between the eyes needs some tweaks to smooth it out there, but that will come with further progress. Keep it up.

Aah i like star wars, always nice to see!
First it would be nice if you could render the helmet in a few diffrent positions, this way we can see it more clearly. and if you use the three light techniek for the lighting it would be even more visable.

You have made a little pinch on the top of the nose. this line only needs be a little bit lower so it is in line with the eyes

i also believe that the nose is less flat and more round.

But that are only minor critics in the end nice modeling! and can’t wait to see this thread grow,

keep it up!


just some little progress with my project. I was trying to keep the top of the head round, so I helped myself with a circle.

Thanks guys for your replies, they were both helpful for me. I will try to fix the “nose problem”, you’re right with that. Hope I will get to it as soon as possible. :wink:



Another update of my exercise…I am trying to get the right shapes, but I kinda struggle with that…hope it will get better.
I can see some problem under the right eye, but it should be just a shadow.




I had not much time to work on this helmet, so I made only a few changes. . .


That is looking very close!!! A google search will help with the details.

stormtroopers always look so sad.

Hello everybody,

after a long time, I have returned to this project. I did some progress (hopefully). Shapes are done in general, now I will probably play with the textures. I would like to make it look used (worn, scratched, maybe some laser gun traces). Maybe, I will try to do some fan-poster for the following SW movie…:wink: Suggestions and opinions are, as always, welcomed.


Not sure what’s happening between the eyes, but you might want to check that out.

All in all…you doing a good job on this. Just needs tweaking.

Nice! But as said there are some errors and things missing. That level between eyes and those little “ramps” up the sides.
I think the helmet is a bit too narrow also.

Thank you very much for your advices! The space between the eyes definitely looks kinda odd, but I think it is bad shadow…I am still trying to achieve good lighting from the bottom, but the shapes of the helmet are really…diversed…I am adding one more render with slightly different light settings, but it is probably question of patience, because now it is too dark imo…

Hello everybody,

I am still trying to add some textures on the ST helmet. However I struggle with the nodes and since I am still at the phase of exploring what does what, I would like to ask, if somebody could help me with my problem. As I wrote last week, I would like to add some scratches etc on the helmet, but even if I add some simple test image texture, whole white material turns black.

Could you help me please?



I think what people said about the geometry between the eyes being wrong is correct, but it should be a relatively easy change, it seems there needs to be a ridge there, like this:

There’s also a series of video’s on youtube from the man who made the original helmets:

Hi everybody,

I worked on textures a little bit. There are still some things missing on the helmet, then I will try to texture the logo somehow. Also thank you guys for the advices about the “between eyes” area! I saw two different types of the helmet (with and without the edge), but I think that your suggestion is better.