I’ve spent about 8 hours on this bad boy so far and I think it’s by at least a mile the best thing i’ve ever modelled. I put my improvement down to using proper reference images in the Blender window. I used to just make things up as i went along but never again after working on this model.

It’s also the first time i’ve rendered anything with ambient occlusion which is an absolutely amzing addition to Blender!

So I just thought I would see what people thought

Awesome, will be quite a scene when it’s done!!!

The bottom of the jaw area seems a bit wide but since there isn’t a whole on the model yet that may be the reason why…just an optical illusion.

Quality! I normally just make things up as I go but I may concentrate my efforts on working from images after your obvious good results. Sometimes the perspective view from the camera can distort the look of a model… Does it look better in orthogonal view when you are modelling?

Keep up the good work!

Looks good!

The white material looks real good!
What’s your lighting set up like?
Could you post a scene shot of
your blender work space?

Heh. Neat. Keep it up.


Thanks for all your great comments. I think you’re right the jaw area did look a bit too wide. My reference images didn’t match up exactly on that part so I had to guess a bit. I’ve shrunk the jaw slightly on the X-axis now and looks better I think. And i’ve added a couple more details in.

Sure, here’s the blender workspace screenshot (150k)

The lighting is fairly simple, a spotligt as the main light and then a small lamp to light up the…er, .dark side. The material settings are visible on the screenshot too, I think i got lucky on the material and AO didn’t hurt!! And then there’s the reference images UV mapped onto planes.

Hmmm, I suppose I better start thinking about a body.

[Edit] couldn’t see the jaw from there so here’s a front view

look very good. Are you going to make the whole body?

Great job [!] [!] [!]

gotta give props to the old skool stormtroopers. :wink:

I wasn’t planning to model the whole body, in fact I didn’t even think i’d get this far but i’m on a roll now so i’ll have a crack at it.

Here’s where i got the reference pics from if anybodies interested: There’s some good Darth Vader and Yoda pics too.

sweet, keep it up!

very nice, but shouldn’t that black line above eye holes go as inner bevel, not outer? of course i’m not 100% sure about that, but when I thik aboout ST’s I get that image in my head, that that bevel goes inwards.

TX-four-one-two. Why aren’t you at your post?
TX-four-one-two, do you copy?

That is way cool! Glad you used refs. This looks very on the money.

I think I see a bit of pinching in the white around the blue panel at the top of the helmet. That’s my only crit. Keep going!