Hi, I’m 13 and I’ve been using blender for a couple months now, and I’ve decided to make my first model without using any tutorials, I’m quite happy with the results but I’d like some feedback on where I can improve. his left arm and legs don’t have any materials yet so ignore their lack of glossiness (is that a word?) so…yeah. Here are some pictures.

Here’s my node setup for the main material.

And here’s a final render of the head.

And his full body

Thanks!:stuck_out_tongue: :

Hi, that’s a good start!
The main problem for me is the lighting. It’s kinda difficult to see the forms, there’s not much definition between light and shadow. Try controlling the gloss with fresnel and tweak the materials.

Keep it up!

Here’s another image with different lighting and I’ve added some Fresnel too, I don’t know whether much has changed but, anyway.

Unfortunately I had to lower the amount of Subsurf (as you can see quite noticeably on his head) mainly because I think my pc would have exploded with any more. :slight_smile:

Here it is in a simpler lighting setup with more shadows and doesn’t hide any flaws. I

Here he is again

Here he is again

Knee pads need some work and add some few grunge on it and decrease the specularity a little bit.