Stormy Forest

Here’s a current project that I just finished up the render portion of. Doing a mixed media piece and this is the digital aspect. It’s not the most interesting image with lack of focal but that’ll be taken care of in another section. Thought I’d share it anyways as I’m happy with how it turned out.

Interesting. The clouds are a picture applied after the render or…? Also, how does the lighting work in this one? And how big are those trees actually?

I really like it . Good work, but in my opinion it needs a point of interest… it could be thunder or something which would grab people attention :slight_smile:

@AkiraOkihu… The scene is lit with a HDR environment image that I put together a few weeks ago and the clouds in the scene are a backplate from that day. I’m not really sure what you were asking about the trees. They’re built to be 40-80’ or so in height, I hope that’s what you were looking for.

@pawel4427, Thanks for the comment. I might add a focal point later, but it’s a piece of a larger mixed media project and when combined later, will help create a focal point.

The trees alone without the clouds do not communicate a very stormy picture, and even with the sky I would have to say it’s some trees on a rainy day. Never the less the trees look good and it might be hard to judge the whole with only the digital part.