Stormy Game

I just finished my lastest project, at least, this is not quite finished now, but i think or hope this is good enough to post in the Finished Projects forum.
So C&C or anything else you want to say.

Completely modelt in Blender 2.42a
Rendered with Indigo 0.6 about 4h and 25min.
Border made with Gimp, nothing really special.

Wow dude, very nice work! Everything from specular lighting to materials is perfect! It is still a little grainy, but letting it sit with indigo for 4 hours is quite enough;).

The only thing I would suggest is maybe adding a VERY slight reflection to the game pieces. But that truly depends on what material they are supposed to be made out of.

Also, I just wanted to point out that the depth of field is very nice too.

Keep up the good professional work!


      • EDIT - - -

Haha…I just set it as my desktop background. Its so pretty…

Wow…thx this is my first image someone used as a desktop background.
So big thx.

Yeah its a bit grainy, so iam going to let it render over night with a higher resoultion.
I’ve already improved some of the materials and pushed the render button.:smiley: