Stormy Ocean

I want to create a stormy ocean in Blender. I have done the Cog Film tuts, but I would like to create one with Blender’s fluid fx. I have a knowledge of Blender’s fluid fx, but can’t seem to make an ocean. Any help is appreciated.

Not to be pushy, but I really need to know.

I’ve never made an ocean with Blender’s fluid simulation, so this is just a quick suggestion.:wink: After setting up your fluid object and domain, you could try animating an object underneath the surface of your fluid, bouncing up and down, and around, to drive the movement of the “waves” in the fluid. (You may need more than one object to drive the waves.) Then after you get the results that you want, and bake the simulation, you can simply delete the objects so they won’t render in your scene.

Note I have not tested this method, so it may give incredibly poor results. So, if it does, please don’t blame me.:smiley:

is THIS what you are looking for?

or maybe this(unlike the previous file, i still havethe source blend for this):

Baking a hi res fluid for an ocean, I foresee Looooooooong render times in your future! Check out the tsunami sims and you may notice problems with scaling up the fluid to correct volumes. What would you expect to gain from using a fluid sim surface anyway? You still have to generate waves, this seems much easier with the texture displacement method.

I think the second one, but with bigger waves. But definately I want the blend file.

And to anwer your question, I just thought I would be able to get more realistic results with fluid sim.

Can i get the blend file of the second Image. I’m working on making a ocean with blenders fluids and I want to see how other people do it.

There you go, you’d need a beefy computer to render that.

More stuff here:

Physical wave tanks use a vertical plate at the side of the tank moving back and forth to create waves in the tank. Just set the camera so the moving plate isn’t in view. Play with the viscosity setting to change the scale of the waves.

Can you make a fluid in an animated domain (vessel ? I forget the right terminology) maybe you could just have the box squish in and out at the sides?