Story Ideas for Film Festival?

I desperately want to submit a short Blender movie to a film festival next year, but I’m fresh out of ideas for one! I would like to do a film in black and white with cel-shading…perhaps it could be a gothic sci-fi of some sort (but with goths dressing in white and blue, not black) and I need a conflict. Suggestions?


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well, you could try reinacting a scene from a book. with the style you want to do, sounds like you could pick one from a vampire story, or old murder mystery.

I think you’ve got your process backwards. Don’t think of your tools before you come up with your idea. It’s too restrictive. Come up with a great idea and pick the right tools to bring it to life.

I agree with Fweeb. Especially when it comes to stylised media, you’ll find Blender restrictive because of the limited shader model. But if you’ve made sure it can first of all produce the look and quality you want to achieve and you’ve done some animation already then by all means stick with using Blender.

The mixing of colours into black and white and vice versa are techniques that tend to come across quite effectively in film. To do as you suggest might be odd because goths are characterised by their black & white clothing and changing to blue might lose that but maybe you could get away with it if you can make it clear they are goths by their appearance.

What you have to think about most is the point you want to make. Don’t set out to make a cool looking movie. Final Fantasy was a cool looking movie but most people didn’t care. What is the significance with using blue and are you just trying to highlight that goths will always aim to stand out by choosing not to conform to the usual?