Elisa the sparrow out in the mountains :slight_smile:

made with Blender 3d and Gimp

edit: Im not reallly looking for crit im pretty happy with the result! :slight_smile: just want to show off my picture in hope anyone will enjoy it! :slight_smile:
but if you have any good tips please share.

thanks for viewing

more images at

Very cartoony. I like it.

Thanks swaschan glad you like it! :slight_smile:

But Alexiar, it needs a lot of work. A LOT.
The texturing is not up to par as well, but considering you’re new, it’s a nice attempt :slight_smile:

you are just jealous :slight_smile: I think it looks great! :slight_smile:

swaschan is right. The textures on the mountain are stretched. you should look at that. And rig the bird, because now 1 leg is in the tree and 1 leg is floating. The sky is a bit too dark and the mountains are very boring. Try to make things look more life like. And add some better lighting near the bird and the tree, or just switch to the cycles rendering engine. That will make your scene look way better. But for a first attemot its pretty decent.

I have been using 3d software for 20 years and this is not my first image :slight_smile: im not new to blender i just want to say i would like to see you do better! :slight_smile:

Ive only been using blender for almost 1 year now and Im only 14 years old. I think my images are a bit better looking than yours. heres some of my older photos on blendercookie.

I will have to disagree i think mine look better! :slight_smile: I know i cant please everbody. :slight_smile: your images look ok though! :slight_smile: