Storyboard and Animation Proposition

Hi there,

This is my first post. Please take a minute to read this.

I have tried using blender for a while now, however, due to time-constraints, it has been exceedingly difficult. So, here is my proposition: I am getting ready to graduate with my first degree in the fall with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Information Systems in Network Security. This is a glorified degree-title for IT Project Manager. My second degree is a BBA in Entrepreneurship. And, finally, I am reaching for my MBA in Corporate Enterprise.

I am starting a film corporation. The first leg of this corporation is our Animation Studio. I have investors that I am working with.

The reason I am here is to learn as much as I can about Blender, as well as, networking for potential employees.

While I do support open-source software, that’s not my main concern. The people behind the software, and the talent is what I care about. There are certain companies I do not wish to support due to their lack of CSR. I believe in Sourceforge, and other open-source communities Blender,org because of their positive attitude. I also believe in supporting some smaller closed-source companies, like Acoustica, in which they provide Mixcraft. However, ultimately, I must do what I feel will give my employees passion, as it’s our passion that will drive our company.

I am happy to be involved here and would like to contribute to Blender as well.

Thank you,

Tim Akers

Also, please check this out:

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Thank you.

I am still getting familiar with Blender. This is quite difficult, as I the interface is very distracting.

I tis the best interface in existence that I am aware of,…
but it is different then what you may have been used to, so forget what you know, and try to understand the logic behind Blender.
Blender approaches everything in such a manner to maximize user friendliness in terms of ergonomic use and ease of production, both resulting in a great smooth workflow.

I may be able to help…