Storyboard feature?

I am not sure where to post this, but here goes.

Does Blender, I use Blender 2.45, have a storyboard feature? Or a similar method to make a storyboard?

I know I can just do my own storyboard stuff by modeling and simple animating, but I was just wondering if Blender already had something like a Storyboard feature.

Thanks for your help.

What exactly do you mean by “storyboard feature”? In the past,
people have imported drawings in the video sequence editor
and synced it with sound to make a storyboard… maybe that’s what
you were thinking of?

Well, Sort of, but not synced with sound. I was just wondering if there was a way to save a kind of sequence of simplified scenes in Blender or if I would have to make it myself.

Guess that is how I will have to do it. Thanks for your reply though.

I’ve done the same thing as Sergeant_Oreo, but without the sound. It’s more of an animatic than a storyboard. For real storyboards, I use the storyboard feature in Celtx.