Storyboard V1.0 (Cinematic Creator)

Hey Guys,

Corey here again. Today I got a really neat program that I made, it’s called Storyboard.
Storyboard allows you to add cinematic actions in sequence from start to finish by the click of a button.

You can fade in or fade out
change camera angle
play sfx
add dialogue
change scene
add cinematic widescreen and much more.

Here is a HD video showing me using it.

I watched the first minute or so of your video, but the audio isn’t coming through. I have no idea what you’re doing, there, friend.

That’s pretty cool and interesting.

Wow, that looks like a really useful tool! Seems fairly easy to use, and can be tested quite quickly :D. Really like the way you can add sound effects/actions/ect, meaning you can really create any scene you want, which is great! A few suggestions I might make are:

  1. I think that the numbers on the side should be replaced with words(at least visually, the underlying code doesn’t have to change much then, just whatever tells the windows api to add that item to the list), so that way its easier to know what it will do later on.
  2. The only other thing I would add in is the ability to edit the location of objects. I think that would be really helpful, and would be even more amazing with tweening :D.

Anyway, looks like an amazing tool, and can’t wait to see it developed further! Just wondering, is there a download link though, as I’m sure many of us would like to check it out :).

I’m getting no trouble with the audio, so I think its your computer. Sad though, its a really cool tool :).

Turnup your speakers hahahah, sorry my voice recorder sucks really bad

Those are actually really good ideas! Ill put those in there for sure! Just remember that you need to have a template file to run this program, with all the fade in fade out animations already created and have all the cameras set in the right places.

When will a download be made

I want to have this! I need it so bad!
P.S: I may use the functionality for a commercial game, is that OK?

Um, I just revisited the Animated Texture program… please don’t make me pay for this one, either.

exactly don’t start using it to lure people in and then saying its paid after a month of waiting, is not very nice and a very ineffective method of advertising.
If you do plan on selling it at least put paid in the title so we don’t all get excited over nothing.

I never said I was ever going to release this for anyone. You guys assumed I was going to. Also put this into your equation that I might be not so attached to as you guys are. Be professional about this and don’t assume things because you will be disappointed. Its exactly like buying a lottery ticket, you assume you’re going to win, but you don’t. You’re making yourselves sad and frustrated for nothing.

When people on here create great renders, they get good feedback just like I have. But you dont see them sharing their most prized project! Some things are best to be kept to yourselves.

You guys are extremely lucky that Ive shared my Real Time water script. Very useful indeed! some things i share, some things i don’t.

grow up people

You should consider the fact that this is a community that uses a free, open source program on a forum that doesn’t cost money to join before throwing out comments like that.

I’m sorry. You’re right. But PutuLips is also right. The forum section is Game Resources. This is not a resource more then a showing off of a program. If someone cannot use it, it is not a resource. And thank you for the water script. Also, in your line about people sharing renders, the renders are not resources.

This section of the forums isn’t “Resources” its works in progress. You guys need to investigate your statements before accusing anything.

You know what, when I get home tonight after work, Im going to give you guys everything! because you guys are such cry babies. You guys are making me so angry for absolutely nothing. Im telling you once you get these documents you will have no idea on how to use them because they are “works in progress”, they aren’t finished and wont work to your likings unless you know how to use it properly.

Congratulations you have successfully begged your way into winning me over.

Please move this thread to resources, because trust me you will be getting resources.

You’d better move this thread to off topic talk because:

  1. this is a standalone application unrelated to the game engine.
  2. you’re not going to release it so you’re only showing off your skills and advertising your videos.

oh don’t worry Jackii, youll get something out of it. Please be patient.

I said I was sorry. I didn’t mean to make anyone angry. You don’t need to feel compelled to release it. I don’t want to continue this argument. I’m sorry for my misquote about what forum this was on. it is Game Demos, and although this is not a game, it is a tool for a game and should be moved to game resources, but it also loosely fits into this category. I should not have brought up the Animated Texture thread. I should have just accepted it and left it. Please abstain from name-calling, you don’t want anyone getting hurt and replying and then creating a full scale argument resulting in a banishment of several members. I certainly don’t. I don’t feel congratulated for ‘begging.’ No one was begging. We were simply arguing about something that hadn’t happened, which was wrong. Please accept my removal from this thread and my humble apologies.

Thank you so much for your professionalism, I appreciate that to a great extent. It shouldn’t have gone this way.
You don’t need to be sorry about anything. Although I will still be posting these documents for all the trouble. Again and hopefully for the last time, Im really sorry that I didn’t provide for the animated texture creator. I did say I was going to release it, but then I didn’t for the reason that it was ugly. Ill give what I have. Hopefully this will clear a lot of stress given by me.

Thank you again,

FYI I know you guys weren’t begging, it was just in the moment and it felt like people were begging, even if you weren’t. Im sorry for that false statement as well.

Generally speaking here we like to encourage users to share with other users. This isn’t to say that we should share our final products, but the act of sharing ideas, knowledge, issues that plagued our development cycle can be as productive to other users. It is a little different with the other areas on this Forum devoted to showing final products, where users rarely build libraries or toolsets, but instead design single-user resources, which themselves take the majority of development time.

The tool itself seems well thought through. In particular, your demonstration scene shows a clear understanding of the aesthetic that cut-scenes are used to providing. I thought that it fulfilled its purpose without getting in the way of the game itself, which can be an issue for developers who get caught up in the act of developing, rather than completing their goals in the manner they originally intended.

One idea that may interest you is to develop an Add-on that mirrors the functionality of your program. It would allow for nice features such as referencing blender objects in drop-down selectors.