Storybook Character

A picture of my character from a novel I’ve written. I used myself as a base, then started adding the details to it. I used the Paint program first, then used Blender to put on some finishing touches.

CORE Unit Radez1079

He looks pretty Halo-y is that on purpose?

Not really. I use Halo as a reference some times (and I have used some good ideas for it), but I really try not to make my characters similiar to them. It may not look in the picture, but in my novel his armor is actually described a bit differently - his armor is a bit more compact, and his weapons actually attach to a waist belt instead of his back.

And there’s also the Service Tag # on his shoulder.

You did most of it on paint!!! :eek: You are a very dedicated person! I’d love to read the book!


He! Cool. You write books too?