STRAFE is looking for a talented character animator to join our team!

We have a small team that has been developing a prototype for a Roguelike FPS during the last 6 weeks. Our team is 6 people from across the US and France and we are in need of an animator that works in blender for our weapons and characters (enemies). We are building a vertical slice of the game and aim to be done in two months time so that we can launch a kickstarter to pay the team to go into full time dev.

We are hoping to find a passionate person to join the team that works quickly and has an eye for detail. We are deeply inspired by Doom, Quake, Half Life, and System Shock 2. Our hope is to make a game that is not accurate to the time period but accurate to the experience you remember having while wearing your rose tinted nostalgia goggles.

We are looking for someone with good experience that will give our animations character and weight, everyone on the team is great at what they do and work with minimal direction.

We could really use someone who is talented in:
• FPS weapon animation
• Character animation

You can read about our game here forums.tigsource [ dot ] com/index.php?topic=40335.msg1021430#msg1021430 and see some of the content we have already created for the game.

Currently all 6 members of the team are donating their time. We don’t want to take advantage of anyone or mislead, so I’m not going to make any crazy promises. We just want to make a kickass prototype so we can get paid to make a game full time. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with 5 awesome people and I am hoping to find one last person to join in the adventure.

Please email me (gluntronics[A]gmail) if you are interested / have any questions. Thanks, and regardless I hope you’ll check back later and play the game!

To detail the workload:
We have 3 main weapons (and half of the animations are already handled by physics in engine)
We have 2 bipedal enemies (Projectile and Melee)
A spider like enemy
Flying enemy
A turret


I have been working with blender for a year now and I love to animate and work with new projects. I am very interested in your post and to see if I can help in anyway at all? Please email me on [email protected]. thanks

We’re pleased to share our first enemy to be animated. The Glutton.

Landa please email us a reel or previous examples of your animation work!

Our artist has to take a break due to serious illness. :frowning: If you are a self starter and could work comfortably in his style we’d love to have you on board.


what is the engine? also what platforms? i might be able to help.

just some of the animations, but i also do low poly modeling

what is the engine? also what platforms? i might be able to help.