Strage mesh lines

Hey I’m doing this piece that closes the doors of a cargo ship and I’d like to know if there’s a way of solving this weird operations (image 1) and lines (image 2):

I know that if they are like this, it’s because I’ve done the modelling wrong at some point so the geometry ends up looking like this, it’ll be a little detail on the main scene but if it has a solution I want it because I don’t like leving things rough.

Thanks in advance.

Okay, the first is the outlined view from blender and the second is overpainted by you?? Maybe a wireframe would show something clearer ? And maybe as closed door too because are there three windows in the door??

No, the second is the main view with Ray-X.

It looks like these lines are attached to a vertex but there isn’t a duplicated vertex or so. If I try to delete / dissolve the vertex that I think it’s being connected to, it deletes a part of the face.

What do you mean by the doors?

Ah yes to much n-gons. maybe try triangulated and then tris to quad for a start. Maybe even merge by geometry.
And i was too quick while reading, itgought this is the door, sorry.

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Okay I solved it as it needed more vertex from edge to edge of the part as the upper and bottom faces weren’t following the curvature.