Straight Curves: Live, Love & Death.

Hi all!

A personal project, just for fun. Rendered with cycles and postpro with photoshop.

EDITED: Two more images, with the same “method”.

Hope you like it!

Very fun silhouette, I like this :smiley:

Wow, I love it. I don’t know why but I love it :slight_smile:

a lot ! very organic and special !!!

Yeah, I love it!!!
Very interested on how you used curves.
Excellent work.

Thanks for the comments guys!!

Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Edited the first post with two more images!

Nice ! Maybe just a bit more samples but very cool !

Thanks MacBareth!

I love it. the colors in the first image are really great and moody.

love it as well, i am wondering what technique you used

so am i! wow!

Nice feel, atmosphere and idea.
I especially like the one with the undefined light source.

Thanks for the replies guys!

About the process of creating this, is simple:

There’s a base mesh, that I made with displacement maps using procedural textures, I think in most cases with two. Obviusly with a subdivided mesh.

Then, I duplicate the mesh and apply a decimate modifier. With the resultant mesh, I delet only the faces. Then, convert the wire to a curve. Set the curve type to bezier spline type, and the handles, to auto. The last step is to use a circle to bevel the ‘curve wire’.

The interesting thing of that is, that depending how much the ‘copied mesh’ will be decimated, the ‘curve wire’ will be more or less equal to the original wire…

I don’t konw if I’m explaining it right… Sorry for my bad english people…

I’ve done a faster/simpler example:

I hope someone understood me… :confused: