straight into hair

How do I get a good set up for hair in blender, I know there is an old thread but they’re all jpgs no blend files and there was no hep to show how to set the particles up?

Here are some of my own tests I have, still have not reached the final stage of completion and am needing help with this.

I like the silvery gray hair, How could I improve this.

Also here is a fur, with no material applied. just A.O lighting :wink: "

I have all the particle set ups saved so I can edit them later.

These renders have taken a few seconds for each of these frames with transparency applied & other multiple things,Don’t know how to use nodes need help with those kind of set ups too.PLEASE SOME ONE PICK AT MY WORK I NEED FEED BACK!:frowning:

Will upload more through the week.:smiley:

Are my tests, good or just a bin full of fluff?