Straight metall surface - strange disorientations through some edges


I’m currently learning Substance Painter and Blender.

With Blender I modeled a Coffee machine and painted with Substance some texutres.

That looks fine so far, expect that I’ve some strange lightning disorientations in the metal surface.

They are coused by some edges.

If I delete these edges, the disorientation is gone.

Can sometell please tell me, why I get these disorientations and is there a way to get rid of them widthout removing these edges? I want to keep them, to kill some ngons.

Thank you.

Blender don’t like triangle faces, specially stretched ones. That could be a problem but it’s hard to say without the file to analise.

I would suggest to turn theses triangles into quad faces and to make at least one loop cut in the middle to avoid stretching too much any texture applied.

Hey Calandro,

thank you for your response.

I cleaned up the mesh and converted all tris to quads. But this didn’t help.

I figured out, that adding an edgee loop does help.
The lighting disorientation now is below the edge loop (but still there). Brining the edge loop nearly close the bottom is a workaround:

But I still don’t get what’s going on here.

okay, I figured out what was wrong.
The mesh was a little bit off in the x axis. I selected the faces, presses scale x 0 to align them in the x axsis and now it’s fine. even with the triangels :wink:

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