Straight proportional editing on one axis?

Is it possible to make proportional editing on one axis with a falloff similar like scaling?

Now the falloff options bending the vertecies selection,what i dont want.
like this

I want something like this.A even falloff at one axis,with lesser influence at more distance.

Any ideas?Or alternative workflows?

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The difference I can see between both of the images is that one has more influence than the other on the outer vertexes. Shouldnt you use the fall off influence (middle mouse) to correct this?

I might be not understanding the issue correctly.

Wouldn’t that simply be scaling from the bottom (i.e. by screenshot, from 3D cursor)?

Yes and it does.But as sayed all falloff options are like a circular gradient (except the constant which works like a grap or move in the whole influence area without falloff.And random,this is as you can guess not usefull for)

Yes scaling on one axis is what i use now ,because the lack of falloff options.

The need for a "straight line on one axis falloff " is usefull to correct self made blueprint perspective.

Imageing the falloff as this…you select a point and at the top like in the second pic,and move them upwards,now the whole horzontal line keeps the vertecies in a straight line during the upward move,but the influence at the radius downward is less and less to none at the end of the “linear gradient influence”.

Like a rubberband kind of.

For works like this.correcting starts at around 8min10sec

Ok now I got it. We share the issue. I come from Modo which uses fall off in a linear UI for fall beside the spherical. I saw long time ago that someone created a plugin. But I am with Stan…I usually do the 3D cursos thing.

Do you have a link or the name of that addon?

I will look for it in the forum. I am checking now.

what about this ?

looks good, if it can be limited to one axis,to avoid side stretching.
thanks for posting it.

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My pleasure! You always help to the forum…so the least I can do.

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