Straighten/align a selection of faces to another face using the pivot alignement

I wonder if its possible to replicate this Maya tip about face alignement and straightening using the pivot alignment in Blender

it happens around 21:00

Yes, it’s possible:

  1. Create new transform orientation from face
  2. Move 3D cursor to desired position (Shift+S for that pie menu) and use it as pivot point
  3. Select faces, hit S > Z (to lock axis) > 0 > enter



it works indeed
I tried to get my head around this “custom” transformation orientation that Blender operates with. I thought the 3d cursor is only the weird part about Blender when comes to Pivots (origins) and stuff. How it difers from Normals orientations ? can you give me more example where this can be usefull, thats probably the easiest way to understand.

EDIT :This is one solution but some user above gave a simpler way

is this only for 2.8 or can be done in 2.79 too ?

after hitting Z do you scale it or else ?

happy bl

you press Z after pressing the S key for scale.Or just use the gizmo of the scale tool instead without shortcuts to scale it on Z

I would just use “normal” transform orientation and “active element” as pivot point. Don’t need to use 3d cursor or add custom transform.
and S-Z-0 to align, ofcourse.


I recomend you using the mesh align plus addon. Also the BS Modify pivot addon could be useful at some points for you

Edit: I relaized that wasnt’t exactly what you asked, but those tools are quite useful, as @Way has said I would also use the active vertex, much quicker than using the 3d cursor.

If you don’t need keeping some vertices of the face you want to align with, you can also align the viewport to face with shift+7 and then with the looptools addon flatten the selected faces.


it works but you have to select the face you set as Active element as pivot point last after you set the pivot. I suppose active element is the last selected ?

I used active face as Pivot no vertex and it seems to work

3D cursor has three use cases as far as I know (Placement of objects, snapping, pivot). I just used here it as a pivot point. In this case normals orientations might be the better solution. But if you want to straighten and align those faces somewhere else parallel to the custom face orientation you created, you’ll need to place 3D cursor accordingly and then scale:


Sorry, you need to hit S first, I fixed my above post.

if u just want a straight line then enable looptools addon and use flatten(much faster), but if you want alignement to a certain component then just switch to active element for pivot point and normal for the orientation or custom ,the last component u select will be the one that others algin to and then scale the axis with 0 value and voila.