Straighten tool in UV editor

Hows that supposed to work? I can’t find anything on the wiki or forums. Follow active quads leaves uvs somewhat misaligned, Align X/Y would take quite some time to straighten them, Straighten when called from a menu does nothing…

I’m not sure if that’s what you mean and it won’t solve your problem entirely, but when you press CRTL + V and rotate the mousewheel you can relax your UVs

You can select a row of vertices, then press S to scale, then X or Y, then press 0, then enter.

For a row of vertices scale along the Y axis to line them up, if its a column scale along the X axis.

It might be time consuming if you have lots of vertices though, but its all i can think of at the moment.

Straighten when called from a menu does nothing…
It does for me. It straightens the selected vertices along the line between the first and last vertices in the selection. Either on the X or Y axis. Note the effect is different to the Align options


Thanks for the info Richard, the straighten works, although not quite what I expected. By operating on one line of edges at a time its not much different than align other than arbitrary orientation that it supports (as defined by first last vertex). I guess I expected it to take in account topology and operate on arbitrary vertex grids (too much I know, still 3dsmax for example does it fine).,topicNumber=d28e112454

Straighten selection or align tools both work on multiple edge loops