Straighten UV

How can I straighten the following UV without messing with each vertex manually?


You have at least 2 possibilities:

  • when you unwrap you could try the Follow Active Quads option
  • or in the UV Editor, use the UV Squares addon

Okay, thanks.

For anyone interested in precise steps:
Select 2 of the vertices of a face at a time and use scale on x and y to turn the face into a rectangle (press S, X, 0, then S, Y, 0). Then select the face, press L to select the entire island, then right-click and choose Follow Active Quads from the popup menu.

actually you shouldn’t need to turn a face into a rectangle (or maybe I miss something in your explanation), just select the part you want, double shift select one of the faces to make it active, and unwrap with the Follow Active Quads

If it’s a cylinder or cone or something similar like that, you might be able to select those faces and just to a cylinder unwrap from orthographic front view (or whatever suits, check the options).

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